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The Housing Hub is a real estate housing resource centre, digital marketing business. We are an on-line business that facilitates for online accommodation reservations for home seekers, mainly students seeking off campus accommodation. Second, we offer online advertisement for companies that have tertiary students as part of their clientele and the general populous. We also provide legal services and protection to tenants and landlords through carefully drafted contract agreements.


"It's more than just a house, it's your home"


  • To be the leading on-line student housing reservation business nationally and continentall
  • Growth across the African, European and Asian Markets
  • Diversification of the product portfolio
  • Customer Satisfaction and maintenance of customer loyalty
  • Continued growth and improvement


At The Housing Hub customer satisfaction and quality service delivery take first preference in the company. Customer satisfaction results in positive rewards for the company that is profits, growth and a longstanding reputation of quality service delivery fortifying our place as market leaders. To achieve this we have established the necessary structures and facilities within our organisation. These are our local agents who serve our clients (both tenants and landlords) in that designated area. They ensure that all customer complaints are responded to with urgency and our customers are happy. Agents are also mandated with the task of inspecting all properties that are going to be enlisted for a standard screening process which is a control measure that is meant to protect tenants from being short changed.

Products and Services


We provide all essential details for available properties such as the rental fee; location of the property and its proximity to the student’s school. The prospective tenants have a wide variety of properties (options) to choose from depending on the (student’s) taste, affordability (depending on the individual’s budget) or the convenient location of the property. For their convenience we have two booking options

  • Group Booking This is a special booking method for those who would want to share a room as a pair or a group of friends
  • SINGLE BOOKING This is for individual reservations


The landlords are provided with a ready-made market for him/her that is the tenants (students). In addition to that we outsource legal services; these are binding legal contracts that bind the tenant and landlords, insurance brokerage, construction services namely tiling services, electrification, painting and plumbing. We serve them as a third party correspondent to their need or queries with either any of the service providers we would have enlisted.

Digital Marketing

As part of our third party service providers’ strategy we have products and services that are essential to our clients (The Landlords and Tenants). These include health insurance/ medical aid registration online. Construction and repair services are Small to Medium-Scale Enterprise companies are enlisted for the benefit of property owners who will be in need of rapid response services.

We help people and homes find each other

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